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Local implementation procedures lead to the establishment of a local memorandum of understanding – a local agreement between the NALC and the Post Office. You can also register our agency website via Safari, Firefox or your Android web browser on your smartphone/tablet home screen and have the same information, including local Branch 193 messages. You have access to all manuals and forms, including the National Agreement, Letter Carrier Guide and all reference books. The work of a postman is a daily challenge. Factors must use mental and physical abilities to do their jobs on time, while overcoming all kinds of barriers. While this is not always obvious, the union has a great influence on the daily lives of the factors. NALC`s efforts to ensure that postal workers are treated and paid fairly in the past and present, in accordance with the national convention, the law and other applicable agreements and regulations. These efforts range from the level of business managers to regional and national staff. The current local agreements were negotiated in 2016 and will remain in force until a new national agreement is implemented and a new 30-day local implementation period is established. Article 30 of the national agreement allows local parties to negotiate certain labour rules and other employment points and conditions of employment. Article 30.B of the national agreement allows 22 points to be negotiated at the local level. pendleton@nalc.org – 954-224-0410 lyerly@nalc.org – 954-604-0079 lester@nalc.org – 470-629-7906 ali@nalc.org – 470-488-8953 cdavidson@nalc.org peralta@nalc.org DisasterReliefFoundation@nalc.org – 202-423-2443 FECA COLAS are only applicable in cases where death or disability occurred more than a year before the adjustment came into effect.

The NALC has created an app to track your work schedules. Look at the information and benefits of using them. Protect your payment from time management and control errors. Get the app through your app store, it`s free. The NALC WEB app for your smartphone/tablet is also available on the App Store. It`s free and you have the latest news from the National Letter Carrier and all the post/post manuals, guides and PS forms at your fingertips. As noted above, this test, as communicated to NALC, is not fully compliant with Article 19 of the national agreement with respect to the provisions of the existing manual. NALC representatives discuss the problems we have with this initiative, with USPS representatives at the plant level. Stewards shop and branch managers should monitor the testing process, review existing contractual and manual provisions, and file complaints in the event of a violation. Please contact your national business officer`s office for advice, support and communication regarding the 20 test facility represents 28 offices throughout the CT and over the past thirty years we have negotiated and renegotiated local agreements for each of these offices. The USPS Fairness Act (H.R. 2382), which would remove the pre-financing requirement for retiree health care, crossed the threshold of majority support between parties in the House of Representatives, with 218 co-sponsors.

However, this bill requires more support. With the new rules of the House of Representatives, legislation that reaches 290 or more co-sponsors can be directly scheduled for a plenary vote. To see where this legislation and NALC`s priority resolutions stand, and if your representatives are co-sponsors, this one-sided TEST of ESAS should not be confused with the ePM programme described in the manuals. The EPM is a long-established program, where factors typically only collect preferred mail and value mail in the morning. Accommodation for unprivileged post and mark-up work is completed in the afternoon, when the carrier returns from the route. This is designed to move most of the vehicle`s accommodation time to the afternoon. In an EPM office, urban freight guides would stamp, collect and provide only preferred mail, receive and process responsible objects and farts.