Physician Services Agreement Template

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(7) Dismissal for any reason of the client to provide medical services in hospitals or in a hospital where the independent contractor operates. 10. CONFIDENTIALITY The independent contractor will not disclose confidential information (as defined below) of the contracting authority without the express written authorization of the contracting authority, this confidential information will not be used directly or indirectly to the detriment of the contracting authority and the independent contractor will keep this confidential information confidential. When the independent contractor is invited or invited (through oral questioning, questioning, requests for information or documents, summonses, requests for civil investigation or similar proceedings) to disclose or provide confidential information made available to the client in connection with his activities, the independent contractor (i) will immediately inform the client and , if possible, a description and, if possible, a description of the confidential information. which must be requested or submitted to enable the adjudicating entity to request an appropriate protection decision or not comply with the provisions of this section, and (ii) to consult with the adjudicating entity on whether the adjudicating entity should take legally available measures to resist or limit such a request. In addition, the independent contractor accepts that, in the absence of a protection decision or waiver of that decision, the independent holder may nevertheless be required, in the written submissions of his lawyer, to disclose or provide a court with confidential information about the client or to make it liable for contempt or other sanctions, the independent holder may disclose or submit such confidential information to such a court. Who has the right to provide this confidential information without any responsibility; However, provided that the independent holder must, as far as possible, provide the contracting entity with disclosure or written submission and make reasonable efforts to obtain, as far as possible, an order or other reliable assurance that such confidential information is treated confidentially, so that it must be disclosed or presented. For the purposes of this section, “confidential information” means all information from the contracting entity (written or oral), including all business or management methods, business data, pricing plans or the client`s business secrets, whether that confidential information is disclosed or made available to the independent supplier. Confidential information does not contain information that the independent contractor (i) makes available to the public or the medical community (except, directly or indirectly, on the basis of an unauthorized disclosure by the independent contractor); (ii) the independent supplier is or is made available to the independent supplier on a non-confidential basis from a source other than the contracting entity or its related companies, unless that source is or is not bound by a confidentiality agreement or other obligation of secrecy to the contracting entity of which the independent holder is aware , or (iii) has already been acquired, developed or developed independently by the independent holder, without violating a confidentiality agreement with or any other obligation of confidentiality for the rector.