Quotes About Consensus And Disagreement

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It is not cohabitation, but consensus is marriage. Votes: 3 Consensus seems to me to be the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies in search of something that no one believes in, but that no one uses – the process of avoiding those same problems that need to be solved simply because we cannot agree on the way to the future. How important would it have been to fight and gain under the slogan “I am for consensus”? The work of science has nothing to do with consensus. Consensus is about politics. Science, on the other hand, requires only a researcher who is right by chance, which means that he or she has verifiable results from the real world. In science, consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant are the reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with consensus. An appropriate external security environment could also play an important role in promoting social consensus and institutionalization towards democratization. Votes: 0 Historically, the claim to consensus has been the first refuge of the wicked; It is a way of avoiding a debate by saying that the matter is already settled. Fashion is a company agreement. the result of a consensus from a large group of people. Voice: 0 If ever there is a breakthrough, a real breakthrough, you can go back and find a time when consensus was “good, it`s absurd!”, so it means that a true creative researcher must have confidence in absurdity.

Votes: 2 I call on my party to be open to debate and discussion; Far from a lock-step varnish test that advocates abortion on demand to reach a broader national consensus. Votes: 0 We saw that there was no consensus in the UN Security Council. It was impossible, because of the threat of veto of some. Votes: 0 My ideal conversation, which contains a broad presentation of perspectives, marked by the consensus of current experts, followed by the attempt to find a position with which everyone can live, brings together the expert and the public dimension. Nothing is more tenacious than a fashionable consensus. There is a growing consensus that European systems have worked better than American systems: they have been able to better meet the needs of more people at a lower cost. Votes: 0 In the next 20 to 30 years, we will end up in world government. It`s inevitable. There will be conflicts, constraints and consensus. This is part of what will be needed when we give birth to the world`s first civilization.

There is a growing consensus on the need to take dramatic steps to improve secondary education across the country, from state homes to the White House and congressional halls. Votes: 0 We need to build a political consensus, which requires people to give up theirs a little bit… to create this commonality. Votes: 0 To ensure that our beliefs, opinions and assumptions about our Creator remain on the basis of biblical truth and not on the consensus of the people, we must constantly verify what we believe against Scripture. Votes: 0 Capitalism in the United States has undergone profound changes, not only in the New Deal, but also through a consensus that continued to develop after the New Deal. Government in the United States today is a senior partner in any company in the country. More humane societies are generally smaller, such as the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands, where it is much easier to reach consensus and cooperation.