Addendum Agreement Svenska

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Citrix is committed to protecting the personal data you share with us. This data processing addendum (DPA) describes the privacy practices Citrix use for all personal data processed by citrix on your behalf when citrix provides cloud, technical support or consulting services (“Services”). This data protection authority is part of the Citrix EULA, the EEA or the service agreement that applies to the Services (“Agreement”), does not require execution and applies to any new orders for services submitted to the agreement on 27 May 2020 or after 27 May 2020 (unless otherwise stated in the service order). The contractual clauses type citrix ue can be executed according to your choice. Any reference to the expiration of the common fisheries policy without the endorsement is very dangerous. If you enter into a service agreement directly with Citrix, this privacy policy applies. Otherwise, only the terms of your contract with partner Citrix apply. Yes, yes. It applies to all personal data within the meaning of the data protection declaration or to applicable data protection legislation on a global basis, including residents of the European Economic Area.

Varje anspelning pephesi upph-rande av den gemensamma fiskeripolitiken `r mycket farlig utan till-gget. Det till-gg som eterfinns i bilagan skall inf-lrlivas i det samlade programdokumentet. No, Citrix has a specific partner DPA that regulates transactions between Citrix and our partners, which are integrated by reference to the corresponding partner program guides. No no. The data protection authority is included in the reference agreement and applies to service contracts under or after the agreement reached on 27 May 2020. Yes, SSCs are included as a reference for applicable international transfers. An executable version with the following simple steps is available for customers who also wish to perform scCs formally.