Agreement Is Vague

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Keep in mind that if ambiguity occurs after the conclusion of the contract, the Parol rule of evidence can only be used to interpret the language and declare that the parties can never add actual intentions, object or change the terms of the original agreement. Contractors always want to develop a contract to avoid future differences of opinion. Here are some ways to avoid ambiguities in a contract: … The agreement in question is vague and does not contain the description of the property allegedly sold by the defendant/complainant for the benefit of the applicant/respondent. The complainant has taken legal action… Tribunal has decree for the specific execution of 12 country channels of 201 channels 3 Marlas jamabandi country Ex. P-10. D-2. Given that the terms of the agreement are vague and, as such, the decree for… 12 channels, admittedly, more than 12 channels.

The argument based on the fact that the agreement is vague cannot be considered, since the defendant/complaining party wrote… do not indicate the party or turnover number for sale, it was a vague agreement. Even if you exercised the discretion under section 20 of the act, it would not have helped the complainant… Amount of the fine 1.20,000/- i.e. the amount of serious money accumulated with interest of 12% per year from the date of execution of the sale agreement of 28.03.1998 until the decision of the appeal… 12% per year and future interest of 6% per year. Mr. H.N.S.

Gill, an experienced lawyer, appears on behalf of the complainant and says that an agreement… The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) summarized the dispute between the parties so that the interpretation and effect of a vague clause would be included in a consultation agreement on whether the respondent would be entitled to 10% of the company`s net growth of more than R24 million, “only at the time of the transfer of value, for example. B for the sale of the business.” A contract is considered ambiguous if the contract is reasonably subject to more than one interpretation. Sometimes this may mean that we do not know what the parties as a whole intended to do. But as a general rule, an ambiguous contract means that a particular term, word, expression or definition is vague or obscure. … carefully by the Arbitration Agreement Ext. 13, dated February 5, 1958, and we believe that the High Court was wrong to think that the agreement was vague and uncertain. It will be visible… understand what was vague and uncertain in the agreement.

The minutes show that the arbitrator had asked Wattal to make his claims, and then answers were duly filed on Behalf of Pandya… Does not appear that the agreement was tabled on behalf of the parties before the arbitrator about something vague or uncertain. Once, it is recalled that arbitration with… The agreement is too vague and uncertain and they are not bound by the agreement. However, these controversies do not fall within the present review as a… Sale agreement from 8 to 9.1979 for quarter A-32, Outram Linien. Kingsway camp. Delhi, and plot 301 Dr.

Mukherji Nagar, Delhi. It was found that the price was charged r. 45,500… 8-9-1979 to arbitration. This agreement must include a compromise clause to adjudicate on these disputes.4. Khushal Chand in his writing… The action. The second point is that the arbitration agreement at issue is vague and uncertain and therefore cannot be applied legally. The learned judge implies against…

the agreement has already been established. Mr. Bhabra argues that the arbitration agreement is vague and uncertain for two reasons; First, it is vague and uncertain about the number of… The agreement is absolutely vague and uncertain and does not legally constitute an arbitration agreement.8.