Visa Abolition Agreement With Pakistan

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Applications from Indian passport holders must be approved directly by the Ministry of Home Affairs[3], although they are not prevented from travelling to Pakistan, although they are subject to additional rules, including mandatory police registration[3], regardless of the type of visa. [3] Foreigners of Indian origin have also been subject to this regime. Pakistan does not prevent Israeli citizens from travelling to Pakistan. Although Pakistan does not have diplomatic representation in Israel, Pakistani visa applicants can apply to travel to a third country if they are legally resident in that country. [3] Israeli passport holders must, together with Palestinian Authority passport holders, register their stay with local police services[3], unless a work visa is issued. [3] Visitors to Pakistan usually need to obtain a visa from one of Pakistan`s diplomatic missions. [1] Pakistani diplomatic and consular representations offer different categories of visas, with some travellers entitled to a visa on arrival when travelling in a group or on business. Pakistan also offers an electronic visa application and an electronic travel authorization for issuing visas on arrival. [2] As a general rule, applicants must apply for a visa in their country of origin, but can apply from a third country if they have their permanent legal domicile in that country. [3] Indian passport holders do not receive tourist visas and can only apply for visas for family and friendly visits, business visas, transit visas and religious pilgrimage visas. [3] Business visas are issued to Indian passport holders for six months, with multiple entries.

[3] Indian passport holders are also not entitled to visa renewal[3], although passport holders staying longer than the time allowed by the visa are subject to a fee of Rs 40 per day of exceedance. [21] Turkish nationals holding a valid visa for the Schengen area, the United Kingdom or the United States can obtain a visa on arrival. [20]. (2017-07-07) Pakistan and Cyprus signed the bilateral agreement on the abolition of the visa requirement for diplomatic and service or official passports. . . .