Online Advertising Agreement Template

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If an entry order is not met due to cancellation by the Customer or if the Customer does not provide the Host Provider with the necessary promotional material on the date or date on which it is due (as shown in Appendix “A”) and in conjunction with the appropriate specifications of the host provider, the purchased space is deemed to be out of date. In this case, the hosting provider is entitled to the full fee for this space (i.e. as if the announcement was in progress). [Notwithstanding the above, there is no obligation to pay: (i) in the event of cancellation or missed delay of the customer due to a force majeure event (i.e. an event that is not controlled by the parties, including weather conditions, strikes, etc.) or (ii) a cancellation or missed delay resulting from or attributable to a violation or negligence of the host supplier. In addition, the parties agree to negotiate in good faith to replace such a whistleblower.] 2.4 Well-planned and in-depth information on the advertising budget. 2.3 The indication of the purpose of the advertisement (whether it is the promotion of a product or service or the awareness of the brand or the product or both). 7.5 The advertiser undertakes to interrupt or interrupt in writing any advertising on the company`s express instruction. 2.2 Adequate information on the products and services to be promoted under this agreement, including relevant information, such as expenses, means of payment and reimbursement policies. The promotion agreement informs both parties of their obligations and responsibilities. It also helps to avoid doubts about advertisements that take place, such as their budget, nature, materials used in and duration, etc. PandaTip: Change this list to change the types of ads that are excluded.

An advertising agreement on the site indicates how and when advertising space can be purchased on a website and the cost of advertising. 7.4 In the event that the advertiser is responsible for maintaining, monitoring or controlling the advertising budget, the advertiser promises to use the budget amount solely for the purpose of advertising and not to use that budget for other purposes, and is also required to repay the remaining amount after the end of the agreement. 8.4 The contractual provisions under paragraphs 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 apply indefinitely to both parties and do not stop at this advertising agreement. 1.9 Viral advertising encompasses all forms of viral advertising, camouflage advertising and Internet memes. 5.1 As part of this advertising agreement and in addition to the royalties covered in point 4, the company agrees to pay [BUDGET] to the advertiser to bear the direct costs of the advertising campaign.