2 Years Bond Agreement

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Although the loan, which each organization has signed with an employee, is null and void according to the Constitution of India, but the employer can take action against you for recovery and terms of engagement until judicial judgment. Second, if you want to avoid payment of bonds, you must first prove that the company did not bear any costs for your development, etc. Although since you are the one who has broken the contract since your end, you would be held in 1872 under Section 74 of the Indian Contract Act. However, they would be required to pay only a “reasonable amount” on which the court would rule. Sign up while you can look for a job and once it has clicked, ask for the notice period as a pay obligation period. bright! So what is the purpose of attachment in the first place? Employment borrowing is an agreement or contractual document containing all the conditions of employment agreed upon by a worker and the employer. This type of contract or loan mainly includes the minimum duration of work and, in certain circumstances, salary, employment profile, designation, etc. A job loan or a contract may have the conditions, for example. B the period during which an employee must work with the company before that period, the employee cannot leave the organization, and many more things can be mentioned in a loan, such as the date on which the salary or compensation and fees are released. Other conditions and allowances, such as mobile phones, transport facilities, must be provided or not, and if it is there, how all this is paid. How to maintain presence and punctuality. If an employee arrives late two or three times a week, the salary is deducted, if a worker takes an unauthorized leave, then a serious act is taken, the wage/wage package of the worker is mentioned, which is decided at the time of the investigation, the incentive criteria, the name on which the worker is appointed, all this should be clearly mentioned in the clauses of the contract of employment commitment.

3. You should have realized that it was not possible to meet the terms of the loan for your father`s illness, since you were to be present next to your father, three apprentices were selected by the employer who signed a loan stipulating that they would receive two years of training in the company, and after the training, they will work in the company for at least five years. In the event of a violation of this condition rs. 10,000 were to be compensated for the damage caused to the employer. The intern resigned after five months of training. In this case, the High Court of Kerala decided that candidates were selected for training and not for permanent service, but that they nevertheless provided a great deal of time, energy and expense from the employer.