Mathworks End User License Agreement

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For more information, visit license site: The license allows access to Matlab, Simulink and 65 Toolboxes. Matlab is available for Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX/Linux. The same user can install Matlab on multiple computers. When installing the single user (autonomous installation), a license file is installed on your computer, with which you can use Matlab without being connected to the Internet. Note that for such installations, the license file must be renewed each year after NTNU has renewed agreements with MathWorks. An account can be created in mathworks licensing center. You can also perform steps 1-3. Use the activation code and enter a computer ID (host ID for Windows PC and Linux). You will receive a license file via email or you will receive the transfer of the file to the computer. You may want to do this before installation.

You will also receive the file installation key. Demondians manual and use: NAG Toolbox – Product Demonstration For installation with a user, each computer is assigned a license file that can only be used on that computer. Matlab is then used without being connected to a network. This is the most common way to use Matlab. Using a license server, we use a license file stored at NTNU and we need to be connected to the Internet. We then need to be connected to the NTNU network to use Matlab, either directly or via a VPN from other networks. The University of Arizona offers a campus-wide license for MATLAB, Simulink and accompanying toolboxes. Students are subject to the campus license and can install software on their personal or laptop computers. The MATLAB license is only valid for one year at a time. When the license expires, you will be notified when you open MATLAB. If you`ve already installed Matlab, you can switch from a license server to a single user installation without reinstalling the license. If you want to continue to get a license with a license server, this is also possible. If you install a different Edition of Matlab than the one installed, use the activation code again and receive a new license file (point 3). The licence number and the NTNU licence agreement are the same as before (1 and 2). If you start MATLAB just before the license expires, the license will automatically be renewed. You can also trigger renewal manually by clicking on the help → licensing → current license update. To run the steps above, the activation key associated with the agreement is used.